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Shirodhara: An oil awakening [-poem-]

drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip streammmmmmmmm Warm oil spills across my face delicately pouring from a pot above my head falling an inch below my hairline just above my brows flowing softly, tenderly across my skull rushing gently to my temples moving in a swirl of curls pooling beside my head […]

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India: An evening in early summer [-poem-]

Copper heat Saffron glow Green mango trees, emerald gardens Skies hazy from cooking fire Smoke Aarthi melodies Cricket bat cracks Chatting and chirping of birds, young boys Delights for wandering ears Souls Quick and calm serenity A purpose understood This life is passing, enjoyed With compassion and care Love A mother’s crimson mark On foreheads, […]

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Sweet, sweet India. [-poem-]


India. Dancing, intricate steps. Fluid movements. Each day. Each night. In sunlight, starlight, to a melody all her own. India. Mother India.  Like the mother who gave you life. She soothes your heart while wishing, waiting patiently for a child too old, too busy to pause. India. A beautiful, beautiful home. She welcomes you without […]

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My Indian crescent moon [-poem-]

My Indian crescent moon A crescent moon Low. gazing at me. Wildly. Just above a sugar cane field Orange, stained of turmeric. Pointing to the heavens Not lying on its side A curse of the stateside moon perhaps. A crescent moon Is it waxing or is it waning Will it dim, gently dying out Or […]

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