Shirodhara: An oil awakening [-poem-]

drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip drip streammmmmmmmm Warm oil spills across my face delicately pouring from a pot above my head falling an inch below my hairline just above my brows flowing softly, tenderly across my skull rushing gently to my temples moving in a swirl of curls pooling beside my head […]

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My Story

~ This was originally prepared for the Wild Woman Community, a website to help guide and support Wild Woman through the sharing of stories. Check out the website at, or connect with the group on Facebook. ~ I’ll warn you that the story I’m about to tell often isn’t pretty. It’s not a fairy-tale […]

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Sweet, sweet India. [-poem-]

India. Dancing, intricate steps. Fluid movements. Each day. Each night. In sunlight, starlight, to a melody all her own. India. Mother India.  Like the mother who gave you life. She soothes your heart while wishing, waiting patiently for a child too old, too busy to pause. India. A beautiful, beautiful home. She welcomes you without […]

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